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At Richard ROLLAND, we take our craft as
cabinet makers to heart, that's why we take great care in the production of our
pieces and that we make sure that our furniture is both representative of the
art of live in French and of an artisanal quality.

Wood is a noble and living material to
work with meticulousness. This material combines elegance and simplicity of use
to bring an authentic cachet to your establishment.

Quality work

Richard ROLLAND at your service

To meet your needs above all:

Richard ROLLAND has, as you will see, a
wide range of tables and serving trolleys capable of satisfying the majority of
the needs of the most demanding restaurants and hotels.

However, we know that many of you have
very specific needs when it comes to furnishing or fitting out your dining
rooms. Thus, it is not uncommon to utilize elements of architecture (sometimes
classified), decoration, colors, and styles to allow your tables and serving
carts to perfectly match your environment.

Because we are craftsmen, we are able to
adapt our entire range to your needs, as well as develop unique models for your
requiremeents, perfectly meeting your expectations.

In the past, Richard
ROLLAND has thus created new models, and adapted some to specific needs: size
of the room, size of the presentation trays, size of certain dishes, colors of
the furniture...

Do not hesitate to submit your projects
to us, we will respond. This "tailor-made" service allows you to
become the owner of your furniture while being assured of a flawless quality of

Your digital machine

Richard ROLLAND has always had the
ambition to produce the furniture of your dreams.

To carry out complex assemblies and adjustments,
we have equipped ourselves with high-precision digital machines. This device
allows us better precision for unique furniture and your image.

This tool allows us to perform all kinds
of machining: CN, PP, custom, plastics, multifunction, etc.

We also carry out all kinds of cuts:
wood, panels, as well as engraving work.

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